Mission Statement


The Statement

Net Responsibility is intended to be a good open source accountability software for all major platforms.

It's purpose is to prevent people from certain surfing habits by holding them accountable to others. This is done by logging all internet traffic and generating clear reports that are emailed regularly to one or more accountability partners by choice.

We want Net Responsibility to be:

Open Source

Net Responsibility is, and will always be, open source software. It is released under GNU GPL 2, or any later version, and should only rely on open source software.

Accurate and Effective

Net Responsibility will always strive towards being more accurate in its reports. The users can help us out a lot here by having anonymous report improvement data sent (an option in the online settings) to the NR server. Both users and accountability partners can also give valuable help by rating URLs in the Warnings section of the reports. At the same time, we don't want Net Responsibility to slow down the surfing experience, at least not too much.

Secure and hard to Bypass

In order to be a good accountability software, Net Responsibility has to be hard to bypass. We may not be able to prevent the user from shutting down the program, but as far as possible we have to log and report when that's done. There will always be a tension between being open and being secure here. With too much customization there is a risk to be unsecure. Therefore all changes that affect the security have to be reported to the accountability partner.

Easy to Use

It should be as easy as possible for anyone who wants to be held accountable to setup and install Net Responsibility.

We also want to make it easy to be an accountability partner, by making the reports as easy and accurate as possible.

Almost invisible

Net Responsibility should run in the background and do its job automatically. It should also use as little memory and processor power as possible. The user shouldn't have to worry about whether Net Responsibility is running or not, and also shouldn't be able to have too much control over it.


We want to provide Net Responsibility for at least Linux, Windows and Mac users. If there's a need for support on even more platforms, we should encourage anyone who wants to port it.

Customizable and Unlimited

The user should be able to customize the software as she/he wants to, as long as it doesn't allow her/him to bypass the software. There will never be limitations such as a max number of accountability partners, or certain predetermined intervals between the reports.