Contribute to Net Responsibility


Initial warning

Any help in making this software is highly appreciated! You just have to be aware though, that more knowledge means a bigger responsibility. When developing you'll see pitfalls and circumventions that weren't obvious in the first place. We're constantly working towards reducing those pitfalls, and we also need help here. It is perfectly possible to be both accountable and involved in the development at the same time, but it requires a more open communication with the Accountability Partner, like "I promise I will tell you whenever I shut down Net Responsibility, or if I fall even though not getting caught in the reports".


We're interested in what you think about Net Responsibility, and would like to hear your opinion about the software. The more voices we hear, the better program we're able to make.

Issue tracker: Bug reports, Feature requests, and Related information

For a brief how-to (with a few helpful screenshots) on how to add a new issue to the issue tracker, see the Use of Issue Tracker guide.

Bug reports

If you encounter a bug in the software, please report it. It is best to add it to our issue tracker. (You may want to first scan through the other bug reports to make sure the same or something similar has not already been reported.) Please try to be as specific as possible, and include the version of your installation and what platform you're running. If you manage to install the software, but not to get it running properly, please try to run it with this command, and paste the output in your bug report (Ubuntu users need to add sudo before the command) :

net-responsibility --debug

Feature requests

We are interested to hear about any features you would like to see in Net Responsibility. We're constantly working toward implementing and stabilizing more features and your requests are valuable. Some of you might have experience with other accountability software, or simply have some stunning ideas that we could've never come up with on our own. Think outside the box.

Please remember that it may take time for us to implement a requested feature, and if you want it more quickly, you may be interested in working on it yourself. In any case, the first step is to add it as a feature request in the NR issue tracker. (You may want to first scan through the other feature requests to make sure the same or something similar has not already been added.) Try to be as specific as possible: What do you want to see implemented? What is the difference from what you're seeing now and what you would like to see? Are you able to illustrate the end product? Do you have a proposal of how to get there?

Website or Documentation Bugs or Feature Requests

If you wish to report bugs or submit feature requests related to the NR website (including the documentation), you can do this in this section of NR's issue tracker.

Accessing the issue tracker: Security warning, and Login

When you try to access the issue tracker, your browser may display a security warning. You can safely ignore this and grant a permanent security exception. For more info, see this FAQ entry.

Anyone can go to the issue tracker and view the various bug reports, feature requests and other information there. However, in order to create a new issue (bug report, feature request, etc.), you will need to sign in with your NR user login information. The first time you do this, you may need to give some basic additional information in order to gain access. Also, even if you're already logged in to the general NR website itself, you may still need to log in to the issue tracker area of the website.


Other feedback than bug reports and feature requests are best expressed on the forum.

Stay updated

Whether you're actively involved in developing Net Responsibility or not, it would help a lot for you to stay updated. This way you'll more easily be able to give relevant suggestions, patches, bug reports, etc.

Mailing lists This list will be used for all major discussion about Net Responsibility development. Before making definite decisions, we'll post them to the mailing list so everyone can have their say about it. Note that you don't have to be an active contributor to the project to be a subscriber of this mailing list. By subscribing, you will be able to follow the process, and possibly express your opinions and ideas from time to time. Subscribe here. Whenever someone pushes one or more changes to our Mercurial repository (where we keep the NR source code), a "commit email" will be sent to this list. It will include the log message (brief note about the change) and the diff (detailed before/after comparison of the things changed). This is also an excellent way to stay updated and see what changes are made to the code. It can also help us to spot bugs or come up with alternative suggestions faster. Even if you don't understand the diffs, you'll be able to follow the log messages, and by doing so understand what changes/bug fixes have been implemented in the code. Subscribe here.

Running the latest versions

By using the latest versions of Net Responsibility, you'll be more in sync with the developers, and therefore have more relevant information to provide. Also, you'll be able to help us spot bugs that may slip into new versions. Ubuntu users with the PPA added will automatically run the latest stable release if they are using a version of Ubuntu currently supported by Canonical. Otherwise, they will need to install from a DEB package or from the source code. Before releasing new versions we try to test them in a beta stage. Whenever we're ready for beta testing, we'll announce it on the devel mailing list. The more people that are willing to bug test the beta releases, the more stable software we'll be able to produce.

Improve documentation

You can help us a lot by improving the documentation. No coding skills are needed. More information can be found here.

Improve the reports

You can provide valuable help in improving the accuracy of items listed in the Warnings section of the reports. More information can be found here.

Code contributions

Since Net Responsibility is free and open source, anyone can contribute with their programming skills. Read this guide to find out how to begin coding.

Create packages

For many users the availability of precompiled packages means the difference between staying with Net Responsibility or moving on to another solution. Struggling through compilation without any knowledge about it can frustrate anyone. Thus there is a huge need to have user-friendly and working packages/install files. If you're interested in helping with this, you can find out more details in this guide.