Being a good Accountability Partner



Having one or more good accountability partners (AP) can make the difference between living in defeat or living in victory. The following things are all that is needed for someone to be an effective AP for a Net Responsibility (NR) user:

  • A computer or other device that is able to receive email. An AP can be using any operating system (OS), regardless of the OS of the NR user.
  • An email address. When the user registers on the NR website, they will enter this email address so NR knows where to send its report.
  • A web browser with JavaScript enabled, (and possibly software to extract ZIP files), if the user chooses to have their report include an attachment.
  • Time to briefly look over the reports that are sent.
  • A willingness to contact the user if there are concerns about possible inappropriate internet use.

How does it work?

Once an AP has given their email address to the user and the user has successfully completed registration, installation, and configuration of NR, then reports will be periodically emailed to the AP. To better understand the content of these reports, see Understanding the reports. For other problems with reports, see Troubleshooting the reports. If you'd be willing to give a little bit of your time to helping improve the accuracy of the reports, see Improving the Reports for details on how you can do this.

Follow up on reports

It is important that you as an AP follow up on anything that you have a question about in a report that you receive. It may turn out that there was actually no inappropriate internet use by the NR user, but they need to know that you are monitoring these reports as they come to you and will approach them if there is anything that raises a question.

You may also want to check with the NR user to make sure that they are also receiving a copy of their report. They can do this by editing their configuration on the NR website so that their own email address is included as one of the APs that reports are sent to. If they do receive a copy of the report, this will make it easier for you both if you are asking about a particular item, since you will both be able to view the same report.