Use of issue tracker for bugs and feature requests


Getting to the issue tracker

The Net Responsibility (NR) issue tracker is a convenient way to report, manage, and resolve various issues such as bugs and feature requests related to the NR software and website. On the main page of the issue tracker you will find links to the NR software section as well as the NR website section. There are also similar links in other parts of the website and documentation.

Security warning in browser

After clicking on a link to go to the issue tracker, you may get a security warning in your browser that looks like this:

Security Warning

You can safely ignore this warning and have your browser proceed. For more info, see this related FAQ.

Signing in to the issue tracker

Once you get to the issue tracker, you will be able to view the various bugs and feature requests, but in order to submit your own new issue you will need to be signed in. Note that this is a separate sign-in process from that of the main site, but you will use your regular NR account username and password for it. When you click on the 'Sign in' link, you'll get a window like the following where you will enter your info and click on the 'Login' button. (Note that the first time you sign in, you may also need to enter your first and last name.)

Issue Tracker Login

Creating a new issue (i.e. bug report or feature request)

Once you've signed in, you'll want to go to the relevant project (i.e. 'Net Responsibility' or 'Website'), and then click on 'New issue', which will bring up a window like this:

New Issue

Here are the parts you should normally fill out:

  • Tracker: Here is where you will specify the type of issue it is (i.e. bug, feature, etc.).
  • Subject: A clear and concise label for the issue is always helpful.
  • Description: Add a description of the issue, trying to include all information you think may be relevant.

Once you've filled out the above parts, you can then click on the 'Create' button and the issue will be added to the issue tracker. Adding issues to the issue tracker helps the developers remember to deal with them, and hopefully they will be resolved in the next versions of the software or website. If we need more information about an issue you've created, we'll contact you. Remember that by taking the time to create an issue, you are contributing to the NR project, which is greatly appreciated by its developers and users!