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Net Responsibility (NR) is a good open-source internet accountability software for Linux-based systems, and we are working towards making it available for all major platforms, including Windows and Mac OS X. Its purpose is to help people change their surfing habits by giving them a useful tool for holding themselves accountable to others. Following are its main features:

  • Internet monitoring. Whenever the user's computer is on, NR is keeping track of all web browsing activity.
  • Regular reports emailed to accountability partners. Automatic reports can be sent daily, every other day, or with any number of days in-between.
  • Inappropriate content flagged in reports. Any activity NR finds suspicious will be displayed prominently so accountability partners will see it.
  • Instant email reports. Users can choose to have a report emailed to their accountability partners as soon as NR senses any suspicious activity.
  • Reports include an overview as well as details. The overview is often all that needs to be looked at, but accountability partners can also view a list of every website visited if they wish.
  • Suspicious websites are ranked. Each of these is assigned a number to indicate the probability that it is inappropriate.
  • Unlimited number of accountability partners. Users can choose to have reports sent to as many people as they want.
  • Discourages tampering or 'cheating' by users. Any attempts to bypass NR will be detected and reported to accountability partners.
  • Highly configurable. Users are able to choose from a wide variety of built-in settings to suit their specific needs. Third-party tools and access to the source code gives even greater flexibility if needed.
  • User forum. The user forum can be browsed for information, and can also be used as a place to discuss any questions or problems users may be facing.


Here is a two-part example of an email report:

Email Report, Part 1

Email Report, Part 2

Here is an example of the more detailed attached report:

Attached Report


Before NR can be installed, a user needs to go to the NR website and register...


During the registration process, users enter their configuration settings, which are then stored on the NR server.

After registration, a terminal window can be opened...

Menu for Terminal

which might look something like this:


After entering a few commands in the terminal, Net Responsibility is installed and running.

Users can also use a package manager with a GUI to install NR...

Package Manager


Users also have access to a forum where they can browse for information or discuss any questions or problems they are facing with other users or the NR developers...


Mailing list

If users prefer to use email, they can also contact the NR developers with questions or problems they are facing...

Email to Mailing List