Why Net Responsibility?


Why internet accountability software?

Some people have come to the belief that some of the ways they have been using the internet are unhealthy and potentially harmful and destructive to themselves and others they relate to. The two most popular examples of this are pornography and gambling. If they act on this belief and decide to make a change in the way they use the internet, this can often be difficult because of trying to break old habits and/or addictive behaviors. One thing that is helpful for them is to have one or more accountability partners that they communicate with regularly and honestly about how they are using the internet and whether they are staying faithful to the changes they wish to make. They also find that choosing to use internet accountability software can be a helpful tool in this process because it automatically monitors their internet usage and reports it to their accountability partner(s). The presence of accountability software will give extra incentive to resist the urge to go back to one's old ways of internet use, and also avoids a situation where a person might consider using deception and denial when asked about whether they have slipped into old habits. In short, they choose to use this type of software to help them live better lives.

What about other internet accountability software?

Both Covenant Eyes and X3watch are popular internet accountability programs, but neither one of their main products is currently compatible with Linux-based computer systems, and neither one is open-source. The Net Responsibility project was started to fill the need for a good open-source internet accountability software for Linux. Since then, our vision has expanded to also eventually make it available on other platforms like Windows and Mac OS X, in order to provide a good open-source alternative to the software currently available.


We believe that Net Responsibility fills an important need for those who are looking for a good internet accountability program for Linux. Beyond this, we believe that it can become a good open-source alternative on other platforms as well.